Terms & Conditions

Horse Health Requirements
All horses must have a negative Coggins test within 6 months of the sale (AGID test will allow entry into Canada) and a health chart within 30 days of the sale. All bred mares must have a veterinary certificate within 30 days of the sale stating that the mare is in foal. Flu and rhino shots are required to be administered and documented before the sale. Any buyer of a bred mare who is uncertain of her being bred must have her vet checked by the sale vet before she leaves the grounds. If she is bred the cost of checking will be paid by the buyer. If not, it will be paid by the seller.

Hay, Straw, and Feed
Hay and straw will be available to purchase at market prices. Under the terms of the Farm Show Building, no shavings are allowed.

All consignments to the Mid-Atlantic Sale are required to be registered. The sale requires that all original registrations and transfers be in place before the animal goes into the sale ring. Catalog number of horse is sale number. Buyers: All sales are final. The seller guarantees the identity of each animal as it appears on the registration certificate. All horses will be transferred to the person indicated on the sales slip. Cost to transfer ownership of the consignments to new owners will be deducted from the sale proceeds. Title passes at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, at which time all risk and responsibility for the horse passes to the buyer.

All consignments must have a new halter and lead rope, otherwise the sale committee will supply one and charge the seller for the cost. No horse will be allowed to leave the barns without a checkout slip indicating full payment. All horses must be removed from the barns by midnight Saturday evening, the last day of the sale. All sellers are responsible for their horses up until the time that the gavel falls, after which the buyer is in full responsibility. The sale committee of the Mid-Altantic Breeder’s Sale, LLC reserves the right to reject any horses for any reason including but not limited to: Unsoundness, poor condition, and improper documentation of registration or health papers.

Sales Tax
Horses sold are subject to the 6% Pennsylvania sales tax. This tax must be paid by the buyer in addition to the purchase price, unless the sale of the horse qualified for exemption under the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and the buyer furnishes the sale certificates of exemption in the form approved by the Department of Revenue. Exemption forms with instructions will be available in the sales office and may be executed by the buyer at time of settlement.

Buyer’s Payment
Buyer shall pay for the horse(s) prior to the conclusion of the sale by one or more of the following means: cash, approved personal check (with letter from bank guaranteeing payment), money order, cashier’s check, traveler’s check or credit card (there will be a 3% buyer’s premium for credit card purchases). US funds only. Checks are to be made payable to Mid-Atlantic Breeder’s Sale. There will be a $75 service charge applied to all bad checks (NSF, Stop Payment, etc.).

Ages, heights, markings and physical conditions are approximated and not guaranteed. It is the responsibility and obligation of the buyer to examine the horse before he bids, as all sales will be final. In case typographical errors or other errors are discovered, the auctioneer will announce them, which will take precedence over the printed catalog. Buyers are therefore cautioned to pay attention to the auctioneer’s announcements.

No guarantees whatsoever, expressed or implied, are made by the sale committee, the auctioneers, pedigree readers, bid spotters, or anyone associated with the Mid-Atlantic Breeder’s Sale, LLC as to title, quality, unsoundness or soundness of any consignments. Presentations given in writing by the consignor to the sale committee will be announced at the time of sale as though by the consignor. Any claims made based upon said presentations, guarantees, or omissions, shall be made against the consignor only and not the sale committee or any persons related to the sale. Seller’s statements of soundness or unsoundness will be announced at the sale.

Everyone is urged to use caution and care while attending the sale. The Mid-Atlantic Breeder’s Sale, LLC, all members of the committee, and all those associated with the sale in any way shall not be liable for any injuries sustained by anyone attending the sale, and all parties entering the grounds where the sale is held do so at their own risk and further agree that the organization responsible for the sale is hereby released from any liability or responsibility for any injuries sustained by them during the attendance of the sale and its related activities from any case whatsoever.

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