Our 2018 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Breeders Sale Catalog is here

CBMF Thomas Crown

Lot 39, CBMF Thomas Crown (CBMF Crown Prince x FRF Stolen Moment), consigned by John Suprenant

The 2018 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Breeders Sale catalog has gone to press and will be arriving in mailboxes by next week. To download a digital version, click here.

This year’s sale features an incredible variety of Morgan horses for all disciplines, whether you show, breed or just want a versatile horse for trail riding or driving. Make your plans to attend our 2018 sale in Harrisburg, PA on January 16-17 and enjoy the beautiful Pennsylvania Farm Complex facility and all it offers!

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2018 Consignments are now being posted

JMR Chevy

JMR Chevy, consigned to the 2018 Sale

Consignments for our 2018 sale are now coming in and will be posted as soon as possible after they are received. We have already closed our stallion presentation with our limit of 10 stallions reached.

The catalog will go to press by December 1st, but you can preview the sale horses here on our website on our Consignments page. Have a photo for the catalog for a horse you’ve consigned? Please email it to photos@morganhorseauction.com.

Remember our Shippers Depot is here on the website for those who have room coming or going to the sale! Post your free classified for shipping there.

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2017 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Sale tops all previous records

Mid-A Morgan Horse SaleThe 2017 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Sale was very well attended with incredible consignments and we topped last years highest per-head average in over a decade ($4,640) by reaching an all time high of $5,321. We thank our consignors for bringing us some of the best horses we’ve ever had the privilege of selling here and hope to see you again in 2018!

If you did not receive a catalog last year and would like to be on our mailing list, please send an email to us at info@morganhorseauction.com.

Held during the popular Pennsylvania Draft Horse and Driving Sale, our sale attendees enjoyed craft and food vendors, manufacturers and other equine and farm related presentations as well as some of the top draft and driving horses in the country presented for sale, all under the beautiful, heated and spacious Pennsylvania Farm Complex.

Plan on joining us next year! Below are the final bids on the horses sold at the 2017 sale —

Lot Number | Horse | Consignor | Final Bid

  1. French Memories (Leo Cordero) $4,700
  2. WVS Launa’s Champ (Amos Yoder Jr.) $12,000
  3. BJD Final Champagne (John David Stolzfus) $3,700
  4. CGO April (Carroll Osburn) $3,000
  5. Masque N Lee (Starcrest Stables) $6,500
  6. JSF Midnight Sailer (Amos Fisher) $6,750
  7. JE Flash Lite (Joseph Esh) No Sale at $2,500
  8. EY Morningstar’s Rusty (Morningstar Morgans) $10,000
  9. Starlit Acres Promotion (Mars Stables) $8,000
  10. Pleasantviews Powerstroke (David King Jr) $4,600
  11. Derawnda Pasifica (Shem Swarey) $5,300
  12. BJB Inspiration (Jonas Hershberger) $2,250
  13. D Bar J Iri-Orion (Matthew Miller) OUT
  14. Queen’s Chances Are (Mahlon Coblentz) $6,700
  15. KW Awesome Sunbeam (Eldon Lambright) No Sale at $5,700
  16. FMG’s Hot Tamale In Black (Buena Vista Morgans) $6,250
  17. Sinius Black Tie (Evening Star Morgans) $6,250
  18. Rising Sun Casey (Eli Ebersol) $3,500
  19. SVS Star Bright (Omar Stoltzfus) No Sale at $3,250
  20. E&L Mirrissa (Joseph Beiler) $2,500
  21. HBMS Wild Fire (Paul Jess) $5,300
  22. Famous Ruby (Marvin Miller) $3,800
  23. Elm Ranch Bolt (Samuel Detweiler) $5,000
  24. Alphastar Almost Illegal (Mark Fisher) $3,200
  25. Four Star Hank (Troyer Valley Stables) $3,700
  26. Mirror Mirror (Broadmoor) $6,500
  27. Immortal Captain (Tobias Swarey) $3,500
  28. MDMH Sugar (Amos Yoder Jr) $11,000
  29. Derawnda Windhawk (Derawnda Farms) $7,700
  30. ECS Credit Rosella (Amos Fisher) $1,100
  31. Private Selection (Firman Yoder) $6,400
  32. Chip-N-Alex (Starcrest Stables) $4,300
  33. Flash Golden Girl (Eli Hershberger) $3,500
  34. HBMS Noble Flight (Paul Stoltzfus Jr) $5,200
  35. HAE High Beam (Michael Lee Fisher) $3,700
  36. Acorn Ridge My Man (Mars Stables) $4,500
  37. Reflection’s Black Beauty (Daniel Bowman) $7,750
  38. Pleasantview’s Amarak (Mahlon Coblentz) $4,250
  39. Ferretti (Andrew Beiler) $5,000
  40. ELY Limelight (Enos & Lovina Yutzy) $1,900
  41. M U R Domination (Amos Yoder Jr) $10,250
  42. Sparkling Buttons (Harmony Acres) $3,000
  43. JDS De La Rentia (Jonas Hershberger) $3,750
  44. Derawnda Dreamwalker (Samuel Detweiler) $7,500
  45. Derawnda Silent Night (Derawnda Farms) $5,600
  46. WVS Extreme Demander (Buena Vista Morgans) $30,000
  47. THFM Jim-Bob (Skyline Morgan Stables) No Sale at $6,250
  48. Penny’s Lucky Ladd (Evening Star Morgans) No Sale at $5,500
  49. RisingSunDiana (Eli Ebersol) $4,100
  50. AHB Sunbeam Lilly (Buena Vista Morgans) $5,500
  51. RPS Par Excellence (Daniel Fisher/Benuel Stoltzfus) $3,250
  52. LSS Highlights Cinnamon (Elam Zook) $1,000
  53. LSS Highlights Cruiser (Elam Zook) OUT
  54. WVS Jane’s Imortal Bell (Amos Yoder Jr) $15,000
  55. Warriors Masque (Amos Fisher) $9,500
  56. Lucky Four Foot Trophy (Joseph Beiler) No Sale at $2,900
  57. Rustic V’s On Fire (Starcrest Stables) $10,000
  58. Alphastar Captain Crunch (Mark Fisher) No Sale at $1,250
  59. Nittanys Classy Boy (Shem Swarey) $4,200
  60. Derawnda Supreme Ruler (Derawnda Farms) $7,000
  61. BVMS Delights Sweet Rose (Buena Vista Morgans) $10,000
  62. OY Dutch Cruiser (Olan Yoder/Sam Kauffman Jr) No Sale at $2,800
  63. Bon Jovi’s Gold Chip (John David Stoltzfus) $5,400
  64. Sideways (Will Vidler) $3,400
  65. Pleasantview’s Black Ace (Mahlon Coblentz) $5,500
  66. Edna Jane (Enos & Lovina Yutzy) $3,250
  67. WVS Black Gold (Amos Yoder Jr) $16,250
  68. Obsessive Black Rose (Troyer Valley Stables) OUT
  69. Kish Creek’s Crystal (Sam Stoltzfus/S&F Stables) $5,500
  70. HHR Starfire Magic (Happy Valley Stables) $3,400
  71. Four Star Norma (Paul Jess) $3,000
  72. Romina’s Fire Gal (Roy Miller) $5,750
  73. Key Ms Center Stage (Samuel Detweiler) $4,100
  74. Illusion’s Flyer (Brookside Farm) $3,750
  75. Derawnda Wind Stream (Derawnda Farms) $8,200
  76. Ultras Godiva (Chestnut Ridge Morgans) $5,500
  77. Who Shoe’s Princes (Tobias Swarey) No Sale at $6,000
  78. BJB’s Command Performance (Elam Stolzfus) $5,200
  79. SMS Wellington (John Raber) $4,600
  80. FMG’s Black Cheyene (Floyd E. Graber) $3,500
  81. Wildly Wicked (Amos Fisher) $3,000
  82. Believeinmie (Free Spirit Morgans) $3,600
  83. Triple Pines Lee (Starcrest Stables) $5,200
  84. Triple Pines Dawson (Starcrest Stables) $3,750
  85. Grandview Stormy Night (Mark Fisher) No Sale at $3,600
  86. Who Knows (Andrew Beiler) $3,700
  87. Miss American Silk (Eli Ebersol) $3,200
  88. HVS AmericanStarsNStripes (Michael Miller) $4,250
  89. WS He’s All The Rage (Omar Stoltzfus) $5,000
  90. Derawnda Wind Turbine (Derawnda Farms) $7,700
  91. Ingates Here I Glow (Aden Weaver) $8,250
  92. ESM Bacardi Splash (Evening Star Morgans) $2,200
  93. HTLD Fine Design (Eldon Lambright) $4,300
  94. Archery Gunpowder (Joseph Beiler) OUT
  95. Mists Eastser Pete (Shem Swarey) No Sale at $2,800
  96. Four Star Powerstroke (Paul Jess) $3,100
  97. Pleasantview’s Norma Jean (Mahlon Coblentz) OUT
  98. DBS Rosetta (Daniel Bowman) $4,000
  99. Uno Crystal’s Dream (Sam Stoltzfus/S&F Stables) No Sale at $2,200
  100. LFM Beaming Roses (Happy Valley Stables) $3,500
  101. Astro’s Delight (John Raber) $6,250
  102. TWP Acres Alex Rocket (Paul Troyer) $4,500
  103. Romina’s Peace Maker (Roy Miller) $5,700
  104. Buck Creek’s Rocky (Elmer Fisher Jr) $4,250
  105. RH&MJ Sara Bell (Mahlon Miller) $1,500
  106. WVS Born To Be Wild (Amos Yoder Jr) $4,200
  107. CLS Freedom Winner (Chestnut Ridge Morgans) $9,700
  108. Stingray Classic Hope (Henry Troyer) $6,400
  109. Boxford Psychic (Joe Troyer) $7,750
  110. HRMF Uptown Beat (Troyer Valley Stables) $4,000
  111. Embrace The Heat (John Raber) $4,900
  112. Stingray-Kashmir (Joe Esch) $4,250
  113. WEM Nick In Motion (Steven Yoder) $4,200
  114. Round-Top Royal Cowboy (Jonas Hershberger) $3,250
  115. Valley Acres Prince (Samuel Detweiler) $3,500
  116. Pleasantview’s Serenity (Mahlon Coblentz) $2,800
  117. ELY Banjo (Enos & Lovina Yutzy) $4,000

SALE AVERAGE: $5,320.54/per head

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Our 2017 Sale Catalog is now available

2017 Mid-A Morgan Horse Sale CatalogIt’s HERE!

We’ve sent out 2017 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Sale Catalog to press, and you can download your digital copy by clicking on the image at left. We’ve got a great line up of well bred and well trained horses, as well as proven broodmares and some exceptional prospects. Make your travel arrangements for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 18-19th and enjoy one of the winter’s most exciting events!

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All of our 2017 consignments are ON LINE!

All of our 2017 consignments are now ON LINE and our catalog is closed and in production. Visit our Consignments page to choose your next breeding, show, driving or family Morgan and make plans to be in Harrisburg, PA on January 17-18th.

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Got Lippitt? We do!

Today’s consignment additions include a 100% Lippitt gelding, just coming three years old and started in harness! Be sure to check out Amberfields Laredo on our Consignment page. Looking for a trail partner who knows her way around natural horsemanship? Legal Dreamer is for you!

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More stallions, more mares in foal, more prospects just posted!

Today’s entries include a well bred mare by the late, great Cedar CreekHarlequin, several nice black prospects and more stallions you’ll be able to see in person during our Stallion Presentation! Go to our Consignments page to see the latest entries.

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It’s all about the BOYS!

CBMF Urgan Legend

CBMF Urban Legend (DBA Street Talk x AFF Little Liza Jane), standing at stud and will be featured in our Stallion Presentation

We’ve just posted a few of our stallions that will be appearing front and center in our popular STALLION PRESENTATION at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Sale! Go to our Consignments page and scroll down and you’ll see the stallions listed toward the bottom. We have some great ones this year!

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Our first 2017 consignments are online!

WVS Extreme Demander

WVS Extreme Demander (KJM Soul Commander x TRE’s No Explantion), 2012 black stallion consigned by Buena Vista Morgans

Our first consignments for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Sale in Harrisburg, PA on January 17-18, 2017 are now up on the website at https://morganhorseauction.com.

Included are prospects as well as finished driving horses, and some very well bred mares in foal for 2017.

Bookmark our Consignments page and follow us on Facebook to see the latest additions, which will be going up as received from now until sale time!

There is still consignment space available, download your forms at the website. And if you have a breeding stallion, our Stallion Presentation is one of the most popular events of the season!

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2016 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Sale Sees Record Averages

The 2016 Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Sale enjoyed tremendous attendance, high quality consignments and the highest per-head average in over a decade at $4,640 (including no-sales), verifying that the market for Morgan horses is certainly on the upswing.

KJM Soul Commander

KJM Soul Commander, sire of second high selling horse HTLD Commander’s Shadow

Remarkably, consignor Amos Yoder, Jr. held the top five high selling positions in this year’s sale, an endorsement of the fine Morgan horses he continues to bring to the sale barn that buyers are willing to pay top dollar to take home. In the number one spot was lot number 67, FMG’s Generation of Ladys (No Star x Kauffmans Lovely Lady), a black 2012 mare in foal to Cool Whip (Mizrahi x Kim’s Bellegante) for an October 2016 arrival. At $12,500, this elegant mare was just $2,250 ahead of the second high selling horse, lot 88, HTLD Commander’s Shadow (KJM Soul Commander x Lilac Lane Miss Sunshine, by No Star), a 2014 dark bay stallion. Just coming two years old, Eldon Lambright was the breeder of this fine youngster and received $10,250 for his efforts.

In third position with a final bid of $9,300 was lot number 34, WVS Orangeblosom Special (No Star x NSM Midnight Lace, by Hollybrook Stage Rage), a tall, fancy mare with a lot of style, in foal to a son of World Champion Merriehill Home Stretch.

Proving that a powerful, black and well trained driving horse is still a valuable commodity, lot 47 and lot 97 sold for $8,700 and $8,600 respectively. Big Mack (Legendary Alex Kazam x Hidden Carral Betsy) is a 16.1 hand gelding that commanded the attention of astute drivers in attendance. GAF Tom Shoe’s Black Tux (Tom Shoe x GAF Black Magic), a six year old black gelding, was beautifully presented and bidders rewarded Yoder with suitable bids.

Attracting matching final bids of $8,000 each were lot 17, Heidi’s Sweet Tahoe (JMF Shanghai Knight x Heidi Swiss Miss), a 2009 black 16 hand gelding consigned by Elk Creek Stables for Amos Fisher, and lot 18, Wrangler’s Magic Flash (M-U-R Magic Wrangler x GAF Black Magic), a 2011 black gelding consigned by Amos Yoder, Jr. for Larry Campbell. Close behind them at $7,900 was lot 4, Magestic (Lone Ranger x BBY Rebell’s Charm), a five year old bay gelding consigned by Elk Creek Stables for Daniel Fisher.

Rounding out our top ten at $7,900 and $7,700 were lot 41 and lot 8. MDMH Magic Lady (Legendary Alex Kazam x De Ala Socorra), a beautiful, big black mare in foal to JMF Wind Walker, consigned by Ernie Yoder for long time sale supporter Derawnda Morgan Farms in Canada. SMSE Skyline Black Star (ICF Reasonably Certain x Shell Creek Black Ashes), a wonderful black gelding with lots of chrome for those who want to turn heads on the way to town, brought a nice price for consignor Mars Stables.

As one sale attendee described, “When the first horse went through at the start and commanded over $5,000, we all went running to the sale arena to see what all the fuss was about. It never stopped after that, everyone was buying and even the weanlings and yearlings were bringing good money. It was a great sale!”

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